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About me


Hello, My name is Talitha Young.

I'm an illustrator from South Wales with a passion for Character Design and Game Art.


I work both traditionally and digitally.​ I use ink, Posca pens, watercolour, gouache, and various other materials to create my illustrations.

When working digitally I use Procreate on the iPad.

I enjoy creating artwork inspired by video games and fantasy stories.

I collect vinyl records and graphic novels which have been an inspiration when developing my art style.

I am a recent graduate of the University of South Wales.

I studied BA (Hons) Illustration and graduated in the summer of 2022 with a First.

During my time at University I worked on a variety of projects, such as a live brief with Cloth Cat Animation, Designing a Logo and doing sign-writing for Re:Make Newport, and collaborative projects with both 3D Animation and Game Design students.

I have also participated in Inktober, illustrated a small comic, and created a demo of a video game for my Final Major Project. 

Untitled_Artwork 215.jpg


I am part of Diverse Manners Arts Group, and have shown my work in two of their exhibitions in the past 3 years.

USW Illustration/ Cardiff / 2022

Diverse Manners Arts Group/ Newport / 2021

Diverse Manners Arts Group/ Newport / 2019

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